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About George Bitar M.D.,F.A.C.S

Dr. George J. Bitar, FACS is a fellowship-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon and medical director of the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute. He is an accomplished artist and an innovative expert in the field of aesthetic surgery. He has performed over 5,000 cosmetic facial, rhinoplasty, breast, and body surgeries including advanced corrective cosmetic procedures for patients unhappy with surgeries performed elsewhere.

An innovator in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Bitar has been featured as an expert on cosmetic surgery on various television and radio programs, has lectured extensively, and has authored peer reviewed plastic surgery articles, chapters in plastic surgery textbooks, and is currently co-authoring a textbook on neck-lift surgery. His goal is to give his valued patients a natural look with minimal pain, minimal downtime, and minimal scars such as with the latest FDA approved no-downtime Laser Tight™laser liposuction, as well as non-surgical facelifts with injectables and the Fractional COlaser, virtually scarless breast augmentations, six pack abdominal etching, and the non-surgical 2 Bitar Hand Rejuvenation Treatment™. He enjoys helping patients who have lost a significant amount of weight and offers those patients the full range of body contouring procedures.

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A graduate of the George Washington University School of Medicine, Dr. Bitar subsequently completed a general surgery residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center and a plastic surgery residency at the University of Virginia. He finished a prestigious cosmetic fellowship at the Charlotte Plastic Surgery Center and later trained with very prominent plastic surgeons in New York, Beverly Hills, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris. He is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and has been named “Top Doctor” by Washingtonian Magazine 2005-2010, “Top Plastic Surgeon” by Northern Virginia Magazine, Health & Beauty Magazine, and Consumers’ Research Council of America. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Virginia and teaches plastic surgery residents at INOVA Fairfax Hospital, where he also operates.

Laser Tight Liposuction

What is Laser Tight Liposuction?

Laser tight is a revolutionary technique for laser assisted liposuction which uses a special laser that melts the fat cells before suctioning them out and tightens the skin at the same time. By melting the fat before suctioning, the procedure results in minimal swelling, bruising and pain and can be done under local anesthesia in our office. Most Laser Tight patients have returned to work the next day!

How is Laser Tight different than Laser Lipo?

Laser Tight uses a revolutionary 980nano meter laser which is designed to tighten the skin as it suctions out the fat.
Laser Tight can also be used to suction fat from very small areas, such as the lower eyelid while performing an eyelid lift. Before and after pictures of a male patient who has undergone lower eyelid lifts with laser tight is shown to the right.

Is Laser Tight right for me?

Laser tight is perfect for patients who would like to have about 1-2 lbs of fat removed, have little loose skin and cannot afford much down time. The procedure takes about 1-2 hours to perform under local anesthesia in our office.

Is Laser Tight FDA Cleared?

LaserTight has several FDA clearances for uses in plastic surgery, dermatology, general surgery, and ophthalmology. It is currently the only laser cleared by the FDA for performing lower eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty)

“I came to see Dr. Bitar to get a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction on my stomach, hips, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks. I went from a size 12 to a size 8. I had a flabby tummy due to pregnancy, and now it is flat and firm. My thighs are smaller and shapelier. I am more confident in my looks and can’t wait to have my next surgery.

I have loved dealing with Dr. Bitar. He is so kind and checked on me often to make sure I was feeling okay. Dr. Bitar is very patient oriented and meticulous in his work. His staff is wonderful and friendly.”


“I came to see Dr. Bitar for a Tummy tuck and Liposuction to reduce my waistline and hips. My results are outstanding. The surgery reduced my stomach and hips significantly and I went from a size 14 to a size 10.

The surgery has given me an outstanding look at life and made me more confident as a person. I feel better at work and when in the public at special engagements.

Dr. Bitar and the office staff are friendly and understanding.”

“I sought out Dr. Bitar and two other plastic surgeons after losing 95 pounds from a gastric bypass. I told them I wanted perky breasts, a flat stomach and some liposuction on my saddlebag hips. Dr. Bitar spent a lot of time with me on that first consult, answering all my stupid questions, and his staff won me over. Pat and Ann were very attentive, helpful and patient. They were the icing on the cake I needed to make my decision.

I had surgery on June 4th and went from a sagging E/F cup to a large C. I have perky breasts for the first time in over 30 years. I don’t have to tuck my t-shirt up under my breast to absorb the sweat and I don’t flop and jiggle all over the place. I can wear spaghetti strap camisoles with the shelf bra and it doesn’t look like one continuous boob across my front.

As for my stomach, it’s flatter than I can ever remember and I don’t have the saddlebags on my hips. I can wear sexy underwear and it’s actually sexy on me.

I went to my 30-year high school reunion and everyone was telling me, I hadn’t aged a bit. Thanks to Mom for my great skin, Dr Anez for my bypass and, finally, Dr. Bitar for the icing.”

“What sets Dr. Bitar apart from all the others is his sincere dedication to the patient combined with an artistic and tireless vision of how he can help you achieve your cosmetic objectives.

There is a distinct sense that your surgery has been absolutely personalized just for you and that he’s as committed to your concerns as you are. There is not a lot of undue favoring on the results as much as objective analysis of a job well-done and, perhaps more importantly, attendant to the patient’s own analysis.

Dr. Bitar performed full body liposuction on me and my results are outstanding! Rather than just reducing my overall size, as one might expect with weight loss, the procedure truly altered my shape in subtle but significant ways. It actually reduced my clothing size more than had I lost a lot more weight. The strategic reduction of fat made all the difference.

I am in a high-visibility job, often on camera and always in front of people. By feeling as if I look better, and more like my ‘old-self,’ I feel a lot more confident in how I look. But more importantly, I feel happier with the image the public sees now. In my business, first-impressions are often all you get so it’s critical that that impression is a favorable one.

Dr. Bitar and his staff are simply wonderful. He takes the time to get to know you and really discuss options in a non-threatening and very relaxed environment. He’s always responsive to inquiries throughout the process and his staff went way out of their way to accommodate me… They are truly a sincere and dedicated group of professionals that feel like family friends.

When you consider something as serious as invasive elective surgery, you want to feel confident that your doctor and his staff are absolute professionals. But you also want to feel like they are warm, caring people who really do care about you and your results too. Unquestionably, you can find the nexus of these two criteria in Dr. Bitar and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to any family member or friend seeking cosmetic surgery.”

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Dr. Bitar


    1. It’s all about you
      Our commitment to excellence and exceptional patient care is in every step of your doctor-patient experience, and we take pride in this! Cosmetic surgery should be a happy experience, but a serious one nonetheless. You meet with Dr. Bitar twice before surgery for him to examine you and decide whether you are an appropriate candidate for surgery, discuss with you what procedure is suitable for you, explain the risks, benefits, alternatives, and to answer all your questions. Then you are encouraged to be seen by your own doctor to give the green light for surgery. Before you commit, you are given the opportunity to talk to patients who have had the same surgery you are considering. If you are convinced and excited to proceed, Dr. Bitar will perform your surgery, and then will see you shortly after the surgery (in a day or two usually). You are given garments, skin care, and a scar management system when appropriate, all free of charge, to enhance your recuperation. You are seen regularly after your surgery and are welcome to come back for follow-up, even years after your surgery, free of charge. In the rare occasion a touch-up is needed, Dr. Bitar performs it free of charge when appropriate (you may have to pay hospital and anesthesia fees).
    2. Patient Education and Confidentiality is a Priority
      What makes us an “institute” rather than a medical private practice is the human and educational resources we put at the service of our patients. Our website address is Feel free to check it out for dates of upcoming seminars, information about our institute as well as the various cosmetic procedures, downloading our newsletters, reading the latest press releases, viewing “Before and After Photos” of operations similar to the ones which you are contemplating, and also to contact us for a quick response to your questions or to book a complimentary consultation. BCSI has a quarterly informative newsletter about the latest in cosmetic surgery and med-spa services. We hold monthly “Days of Beauty” which include discount skin care, anti-aging medicine, and injection days, as well as educational seminars. We also participate in various seminars, magazines, newspapers, TV, and radio shows throughout the community to educate the public. Lastly, your confidentiality is of utmost importance; we understand the delicate nature of the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure and your right to privacy.
    3. Friendly and Skilled Staff
      Our staff is highly-trained, educated, experienced, compassionate, and puts you, the patient, first. The combined years of experience in patient care, education, cosmetic surgery, skin care, and the field of beauty will put you at ease and increase your confidence and trust in achieving your non-surgical, as well as surgical goals. We specialize in the field of cosmetic surgery, and as a result, our efforts all go into creating an atmosphere that puts our patients at ease.
    4. Highly Specialized Cosmetic Surgeon
      Dr. Bitar is an award-winning board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon and member of the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), the only plastic surgery credentialing organization recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA). He is also a member of the Faculty of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). He has completed a full general surgery residency (5 years), followed by a plastic surgery residency (2 yrs) and then was selected for a highly competitive 1 year cosmetic surgery and breast fellowship at the prestigious Charlotte Plastic Surgery Center with ten board certified plastic surgeons. He then trained with some of the top cosmetic surgeons in the world in Brazil, France, and the USA before he founded the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Dr. Bitar is on the advisory board of Plastic Surgery Products magazine, staying on top of the latest trends, techniques, and procedures in the world of cosmetic surgery.
      He has sub-specialized in areas of cosmetic surgery including procedures of body contouring after massive weight loss, necklifts, six pack abdominal etching, breast augmentation through the armpit with a minimal scar, and all the other commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Bitar’s academic involvements include teaching plastic surgery residents at INOVA Fairfax Hospital, visiting lecturer at the University of Virginia Department of Plastic Surgery, and being a member of the admissions committee at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is also a member of the prestigious National Capitol Society of Plastic Surgery. He is currently the co-author of a chapter in a book on neck lifts and another chapter in a book on breast augmentation.He is also co-authoring a book on Neck lifts, and another book on “Cosmetic Surgery Around the World.” His commitment to patient care has led to naming him as one of the Washington DC’s “Top Doctors” by the Washingtonian magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine, Health and Beauty magazine the Consumers Research Council of America.
    5. Comprehensive and Unique Diversity of Services
      Our affiliation with several medspas and physicians in the DC area enables us to offer or recommend a vast array of medical, spa, and med-spa services ranging from massage therapy and physical fitness to lasers, hair transplantation, and cosmetic dentistry. We offer services that are diverse: the full spectrum of cosmetic surgery, both face, body, and rhinoplasties, the full spectrum of skin care services and products, the latest FDA approved injectables (Restylane, Perlane Juvederm, Radiesse, and the ever popular Botox). Dr. Bitar performs all the injectables himself. We have the full array of estheticians who are licensed to perform spa to medical esthetician skin care services.
    6. Convenient Hours, Locations, and Telephone Number
      The Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute is geared to patient needs and accommodating to their schedules like no other, with offices in Manassas and Fairfax, and offers regular evening and weekend hours. For your added convenience, you also have direct access to Dr. Bitar’s cell phone when needed


  1. Safety is a Priority with Surgeries Performed at INOVA Fairfax Hospital
    Fairfax Hospital has been named one of the top 50 hospitals in the USA by the U.S. News & World Report. The first class team with whom Dr. Bitar operates at Fairfax Hospital includes nurses and board-certified anesthesiologists who have many years of experience treating cosmetic surgery patients. Dr. Bitar is the lead author of an article on guidelines of safety in plastic surgery anesthesia, and he lectures on the safety and efficacy of various cosmetic surgery techniques, which makes him feel that Fairfax Hospital is an excellent choice for our patients to have a safe and successful surgery.
  2. Complimentary Consultations
    We offer every patient 2 complimentary consultations before they are ready to have surgery. This is a great way for you to learn about your operation in a friendly, low stress environment.
  3. Exclusive Scar Treatments
    BCSI is the exclusive location to offer a unique imported scar tape and cream system, which enhances the healing of surgical scars, proven safe and effective through medical trials.
  4. Community Involvement
    BCSI is heavily involved in the community well-being, and our philosophy is embodied in Winston Churchill’s quote, “You make a living by what you take, but you make a life by what you give.” Dr. Bitar has enjoyed going on operative missions to perform pro-bono work in third world countries. Dr. Bitar and his wife Rima were the 2008 CARE celebration co-chairs, and he was also named the “National Man of the Year” by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for the fundraising efforts of the BCSI. Other charities we support include CARE, Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund, Second Chance Employment Services, and the Renee Mouawad Foundation.

Cosmetic Surgery for Men
Men’s reasons for having aesthetic surgery are to become more attractive, to look less “tired,” to be able to better compete in the workplace by improving their looks and self esteem. In fact,25% of surgical patients at the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute are men, as compared to the 11% national average. The first step for a man is to consult with a board -certified plastic surgeon to discuss the procedure he is seeking with its risks, benefits, and expected outcome. Ask to see before-and-after photos of men who have had procedures similar to the ones you are discussing, and ask to talk to some of these men. Three of the procedures frequently sought by men are explored here.


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  • Abdomen
  • Anterior Thighs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Chin/Cheeks/Jowls
  • Fat Transplantation
  • Female Breast Reduction
  • Hips and Waists
  • Inner Thighs
  • Knees
  • Legs/Calves/Ankles
  • Male Breast Reduction
  • Males Flanks
  • Neck
  • Outer Thighs
  • Hospital
  • Office Surgical Facility
  • Liposuction plus General Anesthesia
  • Oral Sedatives plus Tumescent Technique
  • 1 to 2 mm round holes
  • 3 to 4 mm linear incisions
  • 14 to 21 Days