Long Distance Liposuction Surgery Consultation

If you know of an outstanding liposuction surgeon located far away, you may be able to obtain an estimate of the costs for liposuction surgery by long distance communication with the surgeon’s office instead of traveling for hours for an initial consultation. There is typically a small consultation fee for a long-distance liposuction consultation. The list of surgeons available by using the above surgeon locator contains many excellent liposuction surgeons. Telephone the surgeon’s office, or visit the surgeon’s web site, to inquire if the surgeon provides a long-distance consultation service.

Information from the patient that must be sent to the surgeon as part of a long distance consultation is listed below:

  1. A set of photographs of the patient’s body.
  2. The patient’s name, age, weight, and height.
  3. A list with the patient’s mailing address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, or e-mail addresses so that the surgeon’s staff can contact the patient.
  4. A written list of the body areas of greatest concern to the patient.
  5. A list of the patient’s important medical conditions.
  6. A list of drug allergies.
  7. A list of current prescription medications.
  8. A list of over-the-counter or non-prescription medications, herbal remedies, weight loss medications, and vitamins that the patient takes occasionally or regularly.
  9. A list of all previous surgeries the patient has had.
  10. A list of any surgical complications the patient has had.

Information from the surgeon. After reviewing the above information supplied by the patient, the surgeon or the surgeon’s staff will be able to contact the patient by telephone to discuss the patient’s expectations, answer any remaining questions, and schedule a surgery. The surgeon will often require that the patient arrive a day before surgery in order to complete a “Day-Before- Surgery” medical history and physical examination. Information from the surgeon that the patient will need in order to be properly prepared for liposuction surgery is listed below.

  1. A written estimate of how many separate days of surgery might be required to safely treat all of the body areas of concern.
  2. Written suggestions for the optimal grouping of the body areas to be treated on the same day.
  3. An estimate of the total cost and of the cost for liposuction of the individual body areas.
  4. Written information about the liposuction practice.
  5. Copies of the surgeon’s “informed-consent” form for liposuction.
  6. Instructions to the patient’s primary care physician so that the physician can complete the patient’s pre-operative history and physical examination.
  7. Instructions regarding prescriptions for medications to be written by the patient’s primary care physician.
  8. A list of pre-operative laboratory tests that can be ordered by the patient’s primary care physician and which can be done in the patient’s home town.
  9. Instruction for paying the fees for the surgery.
  10. A list of recommended hotels near the surgeon’s office.