The Liposuction Apparatus Suspension Device: Hi-Plane Liposculpture

Dermatologic Surgery

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2000 Abstract

0006-602 Weber

Weber P, Dryden RM, Foster JA.

The liposuction apparatus “suspension device”: hi-plane liposculpture. Dermatol Surg. 2000 Jun;26(6):602-4. PMID: 10848949

University of Arizona School of Medicine, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

The improvement of liposuction equipment and techniques has resulted in a cumbersome operating room array of aspirator hoses, irrigation/infiltration tubing, and the insulated command and control wiring of current ultrasonic or power liposuction devices. This situation is further complicated by the presence of a second surgeon, the concomitant use of additional traditional or ultrasonic cannulas, and the suction hose of a second aspirator.

To solve the problems of sterility and operating room organization, the authors describe a simple, releasable suspension design.

This apparatus can be temporarily or permanently installed in minutes and is easily maintained to control numerous sterile hoses and wires required for certain liposuction procedures.

This suspension method appeared to enhance the efficiency and ease of use by single and dual surgeons during cases utilizing ultrasonic and nonultrasonic cannulas. The time savings and ease of use was most noticeable in cases of dual surgeons using both ultrasonic and nonultrasonic systems simultaneously. In addition, surgical personnel were freed for other tasks. Single-surgeon, traditional liposuction was less notably facilitated in terms of speed and fewer personnel. However, wiring and tubing control is facilitated in any case.

A simple liposuction suspension system facilitates the liposuction procedure to varying degrees depending upon the number of surgeons and devices in simultaneous use.