tumescent liposuction


Most patients have the highest satisfaction in liposuction of the arms. Tumescent liposuction can be done through micro cannulas which provide amazing results and happy patients. The procedure is mostly done by women, and having liposuction in the arms provides an overall thinner appearance. Your arms are the most visible part of the body, so liposuction of the arms gives women more confidence in wearing short sleeves.

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Garrett Crabtree

Liposuction Institute of Louisville

Arms Before Garrett CrabtreeArms After Garrett Crabtree

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Robert Rho

Aesthetix Laser Medical Spa

Arms Before Robert RhoArms After Robert Rho

Arms Before Robert Rho 2Arms After Robert Rho 2

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Robert Langdon

The Langdon Center for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery

Arms Before Robert LangdonArms After Robert Langdon

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Anne L. White

Carolina Laser and Cosmetic Center

Arms Before Anne L. WhiteArms After Anne L. White

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Elliot Heller

Allure Plastic Surgery Center

Arms Before Elliot HellerArms After Elliot Heller

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William J. Hall

Infini Cosmetic Associates

Arms Before William J. HallArms After William J. Hall

Arms Before William J. Hall 2Arms After William J. Hall 2

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John Bergeron

Houston Liposuction Center

Arms Before John BergeronArms After John Bergeron

Arms Before John Bergeron 2Arms After John Bergeron 2

Arms Before John Bergeron 3Arms After John Bergeron 3

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Michael Gray

Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center

Arms Before Michael GrayArms After Michael Gray

Arms Before Michael Gray 2Arms After Michael Gray 2

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Louis Cole

Cole Dermatology & Aesthetics Center, PC

Arms Before Louis ColeArms After Louis Cole

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Rodger G. Stratt

BodyCare Center for Advanced Rejuvenation

Arms Before Rodger  G. StrattArms After Rodger  G. Stratt

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Thomas Su

Artistic Liposculpting Center

Arms Before Thomas SuArms After Thomas Su

Arms Before Thomas Su 2Arms After Thomas Su 2

Arms Before Thomas Su 3Arms After Thomas Su 3

Arms Before Thomas Su 4Arms After Thomas Su 4

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Paul Vitenas Jr.

The Fine Art of Natural Cosmetic Surgery

Arms Before Paul Vitenas Jr.Arms After Paul Vitenas Jr.

Arms Before Paul Vitenas Jr. 2Arms After Paul Vitenas Jr. 2

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