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Definition Lipo – Vibration-supported liposuction is the modern way of surgical fat removal. Here, the suction cannula is moved axially in a fast vibrational mode; this serves in combination with the suction vacuum to microscopically and gently cut and remove fat tissue. This technique has its specific advantages for both the doctor as well as the patient.Definition Lipo Machine

  • Gentle vibration increases patient comfort
  • The patient can stand for abdominal etching and verification of symmetry
  • Patient can visually inspect the dynamic results
  • Minimal bruising and less downtime
  • Excellent skin tightening
  • Vibration assisted analgesia helps to reduce discomfort for up to 36 hours post procedure
  • Increased safety because no sedation is required for patient comfort
  • Gentle and homogeneous fat removal.
  • Time-saving procedure.
  • Less force and effort necessary to move the cannula the doctor is thus able to work with higher precision.

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Tumescence local anaesthesia (TLA) with Definition Lipo

During a tumescence local anaesthesia (TLA) procedure, an anaesthetic strongly diluted within a salt solution is pumped directly into the patient’s tissue. The Definition Lipo method has principal advantages with any treatment that requires local anaesthesia, such as liposuction (fat removal) or many applications of vascular surgery.

  • Unwanted side-effects, such as thromboses, risks of embolisms, or nausea, occur much less frequently
  • The patient stays awake.
  • Simple application without the need for an anaesthesiologist.
  • Little post-surgical pain.

Especially with liposuction, the tumescence local anaesthesia offers additional advantages, which led to the fact that today, TLA is the internationally accepted standard method:

  • No cuts, very little loss of blood.
  • With correct application, no or only small haematomas.
  • “Three-dimensional” liposuction possible by repositioning the patient during the procedure.

Definition Lipo is the combination of an infiltration pump that was specifically developed for TLA, with the powerful suction unit Definition Lipo power. The advantages of Definition Lipo power are numerous and include:

  • Ability to pre-select parameters and thus save time: Instead of injecting the saline step by step, the doctor using Definition Lipo power can just select volume and flow, start the pump and is then able to concentrate on other preparatory activities.
  • Heating dishes keep two bags containing the pre-heated tumescence solution at constant temperature. This means safety and comfort for the patient.
  • Liposat® power, as well as the disposables and accessories, are medically approved for infiltrations and thus bear the CE label.
  • Pressure up to 3 bar (90 in Hg); flow up to 300 ml/min.
  • Low-noise, running calmly.
  • Quality product made in Germany.

Please note: Definition Lipo power infiltration pump is also very well suited for infiltration procedures during fully anaesthetic surgery.

Of course, the Definition Lipo power infiltration pump is also available separately.