CoolLipo – Laser Liposuction

CoolLipo, like other laser lipo systems is a technology that uses laser wavelengths to dissolve fat and firm the skin. Cool Lipo candidates are in good health and are not planning to use liposuction as a weight loss technique, but rather for body contouring and sculpturing.

CoolLipo by CoolTouch, Inc. is designed specifically for smaller areas of treatment in the face, chin and neck areas. This includes fat deposits that are particularly stubborn and resistant to any kind of weight loss or traditional liposuction.

In these areas on the face, many people assume the only option is a face lift or neck lift when in fact, Cooltouch Lipo is also a viable solution. The idea is that getting laser lipolysis is less invasive than a full face or neck lift and that the recovery time will be substantially shorter.

Also, traditional liposuction is very difficult to use in these areas of the body because of the small volume of fat and all the other anatomical structures and tissues that need to be protected.

The cannula and laser are used in the fatty portions of the jowls, chin or neck to remove, very carefully, excess or fatty tissue. The Coollipo laser is specifically designed to protect tissues other than fat. Because CoolLipo is designed for contouring the face and neck, the laser also maximizes the other benefit of laser lipo – the skin tightening and collagen renewal.

CoolLipo laser liposuction uses a 1320 nm wavelength that is known to have maximum benefit for collagen rejuvenation and skin firming. The CoolLipo also uses a short pulse width that ensures maximum fat removal and that non fatty tissues are protected. This laser liposuction technology also uses a high peak power for gentle but thorough “fat disruption”. Once the fat is disrupted and removed, the skin in the face and neck firms and tightens so you get the look of a facelift in an outpatient procedure, with minimal healing time in most cases.

CoolLipo laser lipolysis can be performed in a doctor’s office and with only local anesthetics. This reduces risk to the patient and the overall cost of the procedure. Also, because of the gentler nature of laser liposculpture, the procedure time and down-time post procedure are both very short.

If you’re looking for a facial rejuvenation through liposuction, CoolLipo may be an excellent option for you.