tumescent liposuction


Liposuction of the buttocks can improve shape and size, along with providing perfect and smooth results. Liposuction can reduce size and bulk, along with providing nice symmetry and smoothness. No more than 40% of fat should be removed, and this is in order to keep a proportioned look.

Disclaimer. The photographs on these pages illustrate typical results of some liposuction surgery procedures and may contain some nudity.
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Rodger G. Stratt

BodyCare Center for Advanced Rejuvenation

Buttocks Before Rodger G. StrattButtocks After Rodger G. Stratt

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Jamal Yousefi

Youngerimage Plastic Surgery Center

Buttocks Before Jamal YousefiButtocks After Jamal Yousefi

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Robert Langdon

The Langdon Center for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery

Buttocks Before Robert LangdonButtocks After Robert Langdon

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Michael Gray

Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center

Buttocks Before Michael GrayButtocks After Michael Gray

Buttocks Before Michael Gray 2Buttocks After Michael Gray 2

Buttocks Before Michael Gray 3Buttocks After Michael Gray 3

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Michelle Copeland

Dr. Michelle Copeland Plastic Surgeon

Buttocks Before Michelle CopelandButtocks After Michelle Copeland

Buttocks Before Michelle Copeland 2Buttocks After Michelle Copeland 2

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Cesar Velilla

Evolutionmd – The Anti-aging Institute

Buttocks Before Cesar VelillaButtocks Before Cesar Velilla

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William J. Hall

Infini Cosmetic Associates

Buttocks Before William J. HallButtocks After William J. Hall

Buttocks Before William J. Hall 2Buttocks After William J. Hall 2

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Elliot Heller

Allure Plastic Surgery Center-Edison

Buttocks Before Elliot HellerButtocks After Elliot Heller

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Miguel A. Delgado

San Francisco Plastic Surgery

Buttocks Before Miguel A. DelgadoButtocks After Miguel A. Delgado

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Stanley Okoro

Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Buttocks Before Stanley OkoroButtocks After Stanley Okoro

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    tumescent liposuction