Originally developed as a way to effectively perform liposuction correction, SAFELipo is a 3-step procedure that achieves smooth, even contours for first-time and revision patients alike. The process, designed by Dr. Simeon Wall Jr., works by separating unwanted fat cells and removing them with minimal disruption or damage to blood vessels, skin, and other surrounding tissue, as well as ensuring remaining fat that is left behind is treated for smooth, even results.

How It Works

SAFELipo combines elements of liposuction, fat shifting, and fat grafting surgeries in a 3-step process:

  • Separation: In the first step, the surgeon uses power-assisted liposuction to separate the pockets of fat from the surrounding tissue. Power-assisted liposuction gently dislodges the fat through rapid vibrations of the liposuction wand, which then emulsifies the fat without damaging the surrounding tissue.
  • Aspiration: Next, the surgeon removes the fat cells. Because power-assisted liposuction works to dislodge the targeted fat, removal can be gentler, leaving the blood vessels and tissue intact. This method leaves behind a thin fat layer while greatly reducing the bruising, swelling, and internal scars you might expect in other liposuction methods.
  • Fat Equalization: In this final step, the surgeon evens out the thin layer of fat left behind using fat equalization probes. This layer of subcutaneous fat is what yields the smooth, toned, natural-looking results of a well-executed liposuction procedure. By taking this extra step, the surgeon protects against contour irregularities, which can occur in other liposuction methods when skin adheres to the muscle layer in the absence of sufficient subcutaneous fat.

What Makes SAFELipo Unique

Liposuction has been, since its inception, the most effective way to achieve targeted body contouring in patients with stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise. But when Dr. Simeon Wall Jr. began to notice an influx of liposuction revision patients, he set out to change the way the procedure is performed.

Liposuction revision patients most often report dissatisfaction with their prior procedure because of contour deformity. It comes in many forms, but the common thread is an unnatural look that’s marked by a wavy skin surface or lumpy areas. When contour deformity develops, scar tissue in the treated areas inhibits the growth of additional fat cells, compounding the problem.

SAFELipo effectively solves for this problem by avoiding the tissue damage that causes the irregularities in the first place. The fat equalization step of SAFELipo works to establish an even layer of subcutaneous fat, preventing lumpy or wavy areas or treating them for revision patients.

Recovery & Results

Results from SAFELipo are visible immediately and continue to improve
as the patient’s swelling subsides. In a patient with good skin elasticity, some skin tightening can be seen for up to 1 year following surgery.

Because SAFELipo uses gentler power-assisted liposuction throughout the process, patients experience less downtime than in traditional tumescent liposuction. Incisions heal quickly, there is only minimal bruising, and patients report feeling “like themselves again” after just a few days. A full recovery commonly takes months: Soreness persists for up to 2 weeks, while the most prominent swelling takes about 8 weeks to abate.