The S-lift facelift featuring the U-suture and O-suture combined with skin

Dermatologic Surgery

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2001 Abstract

0101-18 Fulton

Fulton JE, Saylan Z, Helton P, Rahimi AD, Golshani M.

The S-lift facelift featuring the U-suture and O-suture combined with skin
resurfacing. Dermatol Surg. 2001 Jan;27(1):18-22. PMID: 11231235

Fulton Skin Institute, Newport Beach, California, and Zentuam fur Kosmetische
Operationen,Dusseldorf, Germany.

A short-flap S-lift may be helpful for minor jowling or submental
laxity in cases of early facial ptosis, revision facelifts, or where skin
resurfacing is combined with neck lifting.
To develop a safe and
effective method to lift the jowl either as a single procedure or combined with
other rejuvenation methods.

After the induction of monitored anesthesia
care the skin resurfacing is completed, if necessary, and the submental and
lateral S-lift incisions are marked next to the tragus. The submental area is
hydrodissected with modified tumescent solution. After a 15-minute waiting
period, the submental area is debulked with small spatula cannulas using reduced
pressure liposuction. Often the platysma bands are tied together with a running
locked suture. The right cheek area is hydrodissected and debulked in a similar
fashion. A 3-4 cm flap is elevated. If necessary, further blunt dissection is
passed through the anterior mandible ligament and the nasolabial fold. Care is
taken to keep the skin trabeculae intact. The SMAS is plicated with a U-shaped
and O-shaped purse-string suture. Following this tightening of the subcutaneous
tissue, the skin is closed with a double-layer closure. The face is dressed in
two layers of tube gauze. Sutures are removed in 7-9 days.

This S-lift gives a pleasing rejuvenation of the jowl and submental area. It is also
possible to combine this procedure with other procedures such as corset
platysmaplasty, skin resurfacing, fat augmentation, a browlift, or

The S-lift provides a safe and effective method for
rejuvenation of the early sagging face or for revision facelift.