A New Foam Girdle for the Significant Reduction of Ecchymoses Post-Liposuction

Dermatologic Surgery

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2002 Abstract

0212-1135 Brandy

Brandy DA. A new foam girdle for the significant reduction of ecchymoses post-liposuction. Dermatol Surg. 2002 Dec;28(12):1135-7; discussion 1137. PMID: 12472493

Department of Dermatology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Reston foam (3M, St. Paul, MN) has been used in the past for the reduction of ecchymoses postliposuction surgery. The application of this modality, however, can cause allergic dermatitis, bullae formation and postinflammatory hyper-pigmentation, and it takes approximately 30 minutes to apply.

To develop a girdle that protects the skin from the aforementioned problems while incorporating the concepts of foam compression.

A garment was developed that incorporates foam into a lycra covering. Velcro straps are placed throughout the entire length of the girdle so that the surgeon can adjust the pressure according to specific needs. This garment is kept on for two to three days.

No cases of allergic dermatitis, bullae formation or postinflammatory pigmentations were found with using this garment in over 800 cases.

In most cases, Reston foam is a good adjunct to liposuction surgery. However, it can occasionally cause allergic dermatitis, bullae formation or postinflammatory hyper-pigmentation and can take an inordinately long time to apply. The author presents a new garment that 
incorporates the foam into a lycra covering that includes velcro-adjustable straps along the entire length of the girdle. This garment has not caused the aforementioned problems of dermatitis, bullae formation or postinflammatory hyper-pigmentation in over 800 cases.