Breast Enlargement Induced by Liposuction

Dermatologic Surgery

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2003 Abstract

0309-928 Finzi Finzi E.

Breast enlargement induced by liposuction. Dermatol Surg. 2003 Sep;29(9):928-30. PMID: 12930335

Comment in:
Dermatol Surg. 2004 Apr;30(4 Pt 1):585; author reply 585.

Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Associates, Suite 504, 7701 Greenbelt Road,
Greenbelt, MD 20770, USA.

Liposuction has become a major therapeutic tool for body sculpting by dermatologic surgeons. To date, breast augmentation has been the only effective tool for breast enlargement.

To review retrospectively records of patients who have undergone traditional tumescent liposuction to determine whether breast size is commonly affected by liposuction of other body areas.

Breast enlargement occurred in 43% of patients who underwent one or more tumescent liposuction surgeries. Thirty percent of all patients experienced an increase of one cup size or greater. Two variables were found to be predictive of breast enlargement after liposuction: those patients who had more total supernatant fat removed and/or those who weighed more initially.

Cosmetically significant breast enlargement is a common occurrence 
after tumescent liposuction surgery.