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Treatment of lipomas assisted with tumescent liposuction
Choi C, Kim B, Moon S, Youn S, Park K, Huh, C. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2007;21:243-246.

For years, surgery has been the default solution to fat cell-filled pockets, or lipomas. However, surgery also brings with it the risk of undesirable scarring. In this study, researchers decided to evaluate the effectiveness of liposuction for lipoma treatment in 21 patients with a total of 31 lipomas. All patients were treated with tumescent liposuction to remove fat cells from within the lipoma; stromas were removed via a pull-through procedure. While there were no complications with the treatment of 23 lipomas, the remaining experienced bruising, dimpling of the skin, and hematoma. Despite these complications, the study authors conclude that liposuction can be an effective alternative treatment for lipoma removal as well as an option for better aesthetic outcomes.

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