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Cosmetic liposuction causes only transient elevation of acute inflammatory response and does not advance to oxidative and nitrosative stress
Chang P-Y, Wu T-L, Tsao K-C, Sun C-F, Wu LL, Wu JT. J Clin Lab Anal. 2007;21:418-425.

When liposuction is used cosmetically to get rid of excess fat, the body responds with an acute inflammation in the treatment area. Researchers in this study wanted to know if this response is similar to chronic inflammation with the resulting oxidative stress and clinical complications. To examine this issue further, the study authors recruited 15 female liposuction patients who they monitored before, one day after, and one month after the procedure with markers related to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. They found that liposuction causes a temporary increase in acute inflammation markers (interleukin-6, high-sensitive C-reactive protein, serum amyloid A) and a decrease in nitric oxide. Little to no change occurred in the markers that would indicate further clinical complications. The study authors conclude that cosmetic liposuction-induced inflammatory response does not lead to the clinical complications associated with chronic inflammation, including oxidative stress and renal function damage.

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