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Clinical, laboratory, and MRI analysis of cellulite treatment with a unipolar radiofrequency device
Goldberg DJ, Fazeli A, Berlin AL. Dermatologic Surgery. 2008;34:204-209.

The No.1 body issue that plagues just about every woman? Cellulite, especially during swimsuit season. The fact is that the majority (85%) of women are said to have it. This study examined the effectiveness of uniopolar radiofrequency compared with bipolar RF for skin tightening in the treatment of cellulite. The study authors recruited and treated 30 female patients with significant (Nurnberger-Muller Scale III–IV) upper thigh cellulite. Patients received a total of six unipolar RF treatments spaced every other week. Results were evaluated by comparing pre- and six-months post photographs, measurements, MRIs, and tissue/blood samples. Researchers found clinical benefits in 27 patients, with a 2.45-cm decrease in upper thigh circumference, as well as fibrosis of the skin. The authors conclude that cellulite can be improved with unipolar RF treatment.

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