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Long-term effects of large-volume liposuction on metabolic risk factors for coronary heart disease
Mohammed BS, Cohen S, Reeds D, Young V L, Klein S. Obesity. 2008;16:2648-2651.

If you use liposuction to reduce abdominal obesity related risk factor for coronary heart disease, do you also reduct the risk? It’s a question that the study authors previously examined, but without positive results. Based on the hypothesis that post-surgical inflammation may have covered up evidence of benefit, the study authors chose to pursue a longer term study of 7 female obese patients who underwent abdominal liposuction in their original study. Body proportions and weight remained stable after liposuction. However, metabolic measurements, taken before and 10 weeks to 208 weeks, did not change. The study authors conclude that while liposuction is effective for long-term weight loss, it is not effective for reducing risk of coronary heart disease.

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