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Laser-assisted liposuction using a novel blend of lipid-and water-selective wavelengths

Weiss RA, Beasley K. Lasers Surg Med. 2009;41:760-766.

Laser technology continues to evolve and influence the way they are used in practice. Lasers have added benefits when combined with procedures, such as liposuction, and also provide potential benefits to patients in terms of skin tightening and body contouring. While these are all promising for both the practice and patients, it’s important to always keep an eye to safety and efficacy. Therefore, the authors decided to evaluate both safety and efficacy of a 924/975 nm diode laser system when fitted with a novel 924 nm lipid-selective wavelength, used to treat the thighs, flanks, tummy or under-the-chin area in 19 patients.

Both the study authors and patients themselves evaluated results for efficacy; the study authors documented all side effects to evaluate safety. At 3 months post procedure, the investigators reported an  improvement in skin texture for 83% of patients and an “easy” or “extremely easy” experience with tip advancement for reduced operator labor and improved uniformity of results. At 3 months post procedure, 89% of patients reported a significant reduction in the appearance of unwanted fat, 72% saw improvement in smoother, tighter skin, and 94% would recommend the procedure to other. Most patients (78%) reported being extremely satisfied with their experience and 89% of them would do it again. The study authors emphasize that the procedure was well tolerated and included only minimal side effects, such as short-term mild / trace erythema, bruising and edema.

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