Dermatologic Surgery


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Liposuction of the female breast: A histologic study of the aspirate
Habbema L, Alons JJM. Dermatol Surg. 2010;36:1406–1411.

Breast reduction has many potential benefits for women with over-large breasts, including both pain and aesthetic issues. However, some experts make the case for liposuction, in appropriate candidates, citing less traumatic to the breast tissue and may also help to support the ability to breastfeed later in life. This study aimed to evaluate glandular tissue from liposuction of the female breast to clinically assess potential damage. Researchers collected and examined a sample of tissue extracted from 61 patients who had power-assisted liposuction to the breast using tumescent anesthesia to keep them comfortable. Samples were sent to a lab for histologic evaluation. Results showed that the samples were primarily composed of fatty tissue, with minute amounts of fibrotic tissue in 58 patients. Glandular tissue from small structures was also detected in 9 patients. No glandular tissue from larger structures was found. The study authors conclude that this treatment method does not cause significant damage to glandular tissue and nor does it affect the ability or capacity to breastfeed.
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