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A case for the safety and efficacy of lipoabdominoplasty: a single surgeon retrospective review of 173 consecutive cases
Weiler J, Taggart P, Khoobehi K. Aesthet Surg J. 2010;30:702-713.

In the quest for a better tummy contour, typically, the question is liposuction or abdominoplasty? It is generally accepted that not only is there a high number of related complications, but also that together, these procedures can effect vascularity of the skin flap. To help put an end to the debate, the study authors report their 4-year findings of lipoabdominoplasty in a retrospective review of 173 patients (171 female, 2 male; average age 42 years; average BMI of 26) who underwent the procedure between 2004 and 2008. Each patient first underwent liposuction (super wet technique), then an inverted V-pattern tummy tuck. Fourteen patients required revision for unevenness, scars or dog ears; 7 patients had serious adverse events (5 deep vein thrombosis, 2 pulmonary embolism); and 35 had other adverse events (skin necrosis, infection, suture splitting, seroma, fat / flap necrosis. The authors conclude that lipoabdominoplasty is safe and effective, with excellent cosmetic results and fewer complications than previously believed.
Available at PubMed (PMID: 20884899):