2012 List of Liposuction Articles

2012 List of Articles


Dermatologic Surgery 


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Weight loss and its relation to fat aspiration yields in liposuction: a survey in 48 patients
Boeni R. Dermatology. 2012;224:320-322.


Improving outcomes in upper arm liposuction: adding radio frequency-assisted liposuction to induce skin contraction.
Duncan DI. Aesthet Surg J. 2012;32:84-95.


Safety of Liposuction of the Neck Using Tumescent Local Anesthesia: Experience in 320 Cases
Roland B. Dermatologic Surgery. 2012;38:1812-1815.


Determining the Safety of Office-Based Surgery: What 10 Years of Florida Data and 6 Years of Alabama Data Reveal
Starling J, Thosani MK, Coldiron BM. Dermatologic Surgery. 2012;38:171-177.


Prospective Outcome Study of 360 Patients Treated with Liposuction, Lipoabdominoplasty, and Abdominoplasty
Swanson E. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 2012;129:965-978.