Bulbous-Lysing Underminers

Dermatologic Surgery

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1989 Abstract

Weber PJ, Wulc AE, Dzubow LM.


Bulbous-lysing underminers.
J Dermatol Surg Oncol. 1989 Dec;15(12):1252-3.

Oculoplastic Service, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

The blunt dissection offered by liposuction cannulas has greatly aided surgical
undermining such as in face-lift surgery. Herein, we propose a new line of
instruments that combines bulbous or blunt dissection with intervening lysing
segments. The subgaleal version enables the surgeon to quickly undermine the
scalp from ear to ear for scalp reductions in the subgaleal plane. In addition,
the subgaleal device aids in the maintenance of the proper dissection plane and
is useful in browlifts as well. A closely related “general” undermining device
greatly facilitates face-life surgery and has found other uses in the
undermining or separation of fibrous tissue planes.