Application of the Tumescent Technique to Hand Augmentation

Dermatologic Surgery


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1990 Abstract

Lauber JS, Abrams HL, Coleman WP 3rd.


Application of the tumescent technique to hand augmentation.
J Dermatol Surg Oncol. 1990 Apr;16(4):369-73.

Doctor’s Hospital of Jefferson, Metairie, Louisiana.

The harvesting of fat for autologous implantation into the hands via the
tumescent technique is presented. The tumescent technique, which involves the
administration of large volumes of dilute local anesthetic into the donor site,
results in low serum concentrations of anesthetic and produces long-lasting
anesthesia while providing vasoconstriction and a firmness of the subcutaneous
compartment ideal for lipoextraction. The tumescent technique has proven to be
an important advance in reduction liposuction surgery. We describe our
experience with the tumescent technique as applied to microlipoinjection for
hand augmentation of aged and sun-damaged skin.