Surgical Technique in Liposculpture



Dermatologic Surgery

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1991 Abstract


Fischer G.


Liposculpture. 3. Surgical technique in liposculpture.
J Dermatol Surg Oncol. 1991 Dec;17(12):964-6.

International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Societa Italian di Chirurgia
Estetica, Rome.

The guided liposuction cannula offers the surgeon the advantage of making
tunnels that are parallel to the skin's surface. The tunnels are made
approximately 1 cm from the skin surface, leaving a uniform fatty layer that
covers the deeper tunneling performed with a swan-necked cannula. Anesthesia is
administered using the tumescent mixture. Vertical tunnels, parallel to the
forces of gravity (when the patient is standing), are made to avoid the draping
effect seen in tunnels made in a bicycle-wheel pattern between 50 to 130 degrees
and 230 to 210 degrees. The vertical tunnels are important for an acceptable
cosmetic result.