Laser Neck and Jowl Liposculpture

Dermatologic Surgery

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1997 Abstract

9712-1143 Cook


Cook WR Jr.
Laser neck and jowl liposculpture including platysma laser resurfacing, dermal
laser resurfacing, and vaporization of subcutaneous fat. Dermatol Surg. 1997 Dec;23(12):1143-8. 
PMID: 9426658

Comment in:
Dermatol Surg. 1998 May;24(5):596-7.

Coronado Skin Medical Center, Inc., California, USA.

BACKGROUND: Submental tumescent liposculpture alone is not able to achieve the
results of rhytidectomy. OBJECTIVE: To improve the results of submental
tumescent liposculpture new laser techniques were developed to provide maximum
cosmetic results with minimal disability and rapid recovery. METHODS: Extensive
tumescent liposculpture of the lower face, jowls, neck, and subplatysma was
performed on 100 patients. Platysma fascia and undersurface of the dermis of the
neck were laser resurfaced. Septae and platysma insertions were separated.
Subcutaneous fat was laser vaporized. Platysma muscle was plicated. Where
indicated, a chin implant was inserted. RESULTS: Clinical results far superior
to tumescent liposculpture alone included improved cervico-mental angle and
marked reduction in laxity of the neck skin, platysma banding, and horizontal
neck creases. Patients recovered rapidly with minimal to no bruising, scarring,
or pain. CONCLUSION: Laser neck and jowl liposculpture produces superior results
to standard submental tumescent liposculpture with no increase in recovery time
and no complications to date.