Tumescent Liposuction Versus Internal Ultrasonic-Assisted Tumescent Liposuction.

Dermatologic Surgery


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1997 Abstract

9712-1213 Igra


Igra H, Satur NM.
Tumescent liposuction versus internal ultrasonic-assisted tumescent liposuction.
A side-to-side comparison. Dermatol Surg. 1997 Dec;23(12):1213-8. PMID: 9426671

BACKGROUND: Tumescent liposuction (TL) performed according to accepted guidelines has proven to be a safe and effective outpatient procedure. The recent introduction of internal ultrasonic assistance may be a beneficial adjunct to the proven technique of tumescent liposuction at no additional risk to the patient.

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether there are differences in the intra- and postoperative course and the final cosmetic result between TL and internal ultrasonic-assisted tumescent liposuction (I-UATL) with a device using a double-lumen, saline-cooled cannula.

METHODS: Twenty-eight patients were enrolled in a randomized, prospective, side-to-side comparative study of TL with and without internal ultrasonic assistance. Intraoperative data including patient and physician observations are reported. A blinded evaluation was performed by the nonoperating surgeon of postoperative bruising, swelling, nodularity, skin retraction, decrease in cellulite, and symmetry at regular intervals after the procedure. Patients assessed variables concurrently.

RESULTS: In most cases, the surgeon sensed a greater ease of cannula motion on the I-UATL side, associated with less physician exertion and fatigue. Patients tended to note a more pleasant intraoperative experience on the I-UATL side. We found no significant difference in the degree of postoperative bruising, nodularity, skin retraction, or decreased cellulite as evaluated by the observing physician, although swelling at 1 week was greater on the I-UATL side. The degree of bruising, swelling, soreness, numbness, skin retraction, or
decrease in cellulite as reported by the patient did not differ significantly. There were no major complications attributable to either technique.

CONCLUSION: This study suggests that the addition of internal ultrasonic assistance to the tumescent liposuction procedure may be advantageous regarding less physician
effort and increased patient comfort during the procedure. We have not shown a significant difference in the postoperative course or the final cosmetic result when comparing TL with I-UATL.

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