When Does Your Liposuction Patient Require an Abdominoplasty?

Dermatologic Surgery

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1997 Abstract

9712-1151 Matarasso


Matarasso A, Matarasso SL.
When does your liposuction patient require an abdominoplasty? Dermatol Surg. 1997 Dec;23(12):1151-60. PMID: 9426659

Department of Plastic Surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York,


Abdominal surgery has evolved from one operation applied to all patients requesting contouring, to a group of procedures based on individual variations in anatomy. Currently, the authors favor four (Types I-IV) different procedures. Liposuction alone (Type I) is performed in the majority of patients. In the remainder (procedures Type II-IV) liposuction combined with modifications of open, traditional abdominoplasty are utilized. These additional methods are appropriate in patients that necessitate rectus muscle reinforcement or skin reduction procedures in order to adequately contour the abdomen.


This report describes the indications for abdominal contour surgery, beyond just liposuction.


A consecutive series of over 300 abdominal contour patients were reviewed and analyzed, with recommendations based on individual variations in their soft tissue anatomy.


We demonstrate that the majority of patients benefit from a “closed” procedure (liposuction or ultrasonic assisted liposuction) but that patients with muscle flaccidity or
laxity in their skin may require an open procedure.


Abdominal contour surgery should be considered a group of operations (abdominolipoplasty system of classification and treatment) based on individual varieties in