Evaluation Of Blood Loss During Tumescent Liposuction In Orientals

Dermatologic Surgery

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1998 Abstract

9812-1326 Tsai


Tsai RY, Lai CH, Chan HL.
Evaluation of blood loss during tumescent liposuction in Orientals. Dermatol Surg. 1998 Dec;24(12):1326-9. PMID: 9865197

Department of Dermatology, Taipei Municipal Wan-Fang Hospital, Taipei Medical
College, Taiwan.


There are high risks from general anesthesia and excessive bleeding associated with traditional liposuction using the dry or wet method. The blood loss has been estimated to be between 15% and 45%. The tumescent technique permits liposuction of more than 3,000 ml of fat totally by local anesthesia without sedation. The blood loss is reported to be less than 1% of aspirate.

To examine the blood loss during liposuction using tumescent technique in Chinese patients compared with that of Caucasians as published in the literature.


Hemoglobin values of patient’s preoperative venous blood and infranatant of aspirate were measured in 45 consecutive cases of liposuction using the tumescent technique from May 1996 to June 1997.


A total of 30 patients completed the study. The average blood loss was estimated to be 1.08% of aspirate.


From this study, we found the blood loss in Chinese patients is comparable with that in Caucasians. Tumescent liposuction is a safe dermatologic cosmetic surgical procedure without the need of blood transfusion and general anesthesia.