3 Ways to Get a Leg Up on Perfect Thighs

Whether it's a permanent investment or instant gratification, you can have thinner thighs.

Looking to thin those thighs? Yes, even those of us with an A+ attendance at the local gym sometimes need a little help. It's not uncommon to have areas on the body, including the thighs, that are resistant to exercise and simply won't improve despite our best efforts. So what's a girl to do?
1. The Gold Standard
You guessed it. Liposuction.
Liposuction can get rid of those stubborn areas of fat. It can even prevent fat from coming back. (Let's hear it for modern miracles!) At the same time, however, liposuction requires time to heal and time to see final results. So in the time it takes you to commit to this step (or to heal from it!), we've also got instant fixes for the times you want to cover up as well as when you want to take it all off.

2. The Great Cover Up
So maybe you're not ready to commit to a full-on procedure. Or maybe you want to cover up those tell-tale signs of liposuction while you heal. Great news... You can get your slim on instantly with SkinnyJeans(R), an innovative denim design that holds it all in plus separates the thighs and boosts the butt. Thighs look slimmer, legs look longer, and there's no need to wash after each wear because they don't stretch out. (What else could a girl ask for?) Available at www.skinnyjeans.com.

3. Take It Off
But, of course, there are also those days that you want to take it all off despite your daily fat fretting. With the power of optical illusion, you can slim your arms or legs, or enhance your decolletage with Mally's light-enhancing topical body slimmer in a compact. Subtle shimmer creates contour illusions by enhancing your troublesome parts with a dose of light. Available at www.mallybeauty.com, $35
Originally Published Sep 28, 2011