6 Weight Loss Headlines That Make You Say Hmmm...

No doubt about it, we are a nation obsessed by body size. Stories that call out options for slimmer silhouettes or thinner thighs captivate and enthrall with the possibilities...

Okay, okay. Yes, we all want to be fit and look good in our designer denim, but sometimes media take the whole "6th grade level" a step too far. Case in point, what follows is what I'm officially dubbing the most ridiculous headlines of the first quarter of 2013:

Less Housework May Mean Weight Gain For Women

Really? According to research, compared with 1965‘s domestic diva, we are burning fewer calories today because we do less housework. Add to that an increase in the time we spend in front of the television or computer screen, and, say the study authors, it’s a good old-fashioned recipe for burning 200 calories less per day. Wow, gimme the good old days when a little housework substituted for my crossfit workout...

Botox Injections In The Stomach Do Not Promote Weight Loss

So the big question is, who came up with the crazy idea that shooting Botox into their stomachs would somehow help them to lose weight? Okay, okay.... Botox DOES work miracles in just about every other area of the body, so why not? (But the headline— priceless!)

High-Calorie Foods Sought During Difficult Times

Who says science isn’t super helpful? This proves it. When times get tough, report researchers, the tough seek out calories. (Who knew?)

Basic Research Reveals Mice On Viagra Resistant To Obesity

Well, a-hem. I'd say it’s time to share the love!

Fast Food Restaurants Serve Extremely Unhealthy Meals

Unbelievable! Wonder when that started happening...?

Coca-Cola Admits Sugary Drinks Make You Put On Weight

One coke won't kill your weight-loss efforts, but we all know too much of anything isn't a good thing… Really? Come on. Are you drinking the Kool-Aid?


Originally Published Mar 27, 2013