Are Lip Enhancements For You?

Skin & Vein Center, MichiganWhether it’s due to aging or genetics or a combination of both, lines and wrinkles forming around the mouth can make a face look much older than it is while perhaps adding to an angrier, more tired appearance. Though there are lots of expensive creams on the market that can help somewhat in providing temporary relief for glaring lines and wrinkles, and a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise can really help as well, lip enhancement treatments can go a long way in providing long term results that provide a significant improvement in appearance.

Modern lip enhancements are usually performed with the help of injectable fillers which are inserted with the help of a local anesthetic and a small needle to the surrounding mouth and the lips themselves. These fillers can not only serve to plump deflated lips creating a fuller pout and more youthful look, but can be used to fill in the crevices and dents around the mouth due to years of exposure to sun and stress.

Injectable filler lip enhancements can be used on both men and women and even though it’s typically an older group of patients who experience the most significant lines and wrinkling issues, even younger patients who want to maintain a refreshed, youthful appearance use these fillers to keep a desired look for longer.

The most common fillers include Radiance, Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane and your professional technician or doctor can help you determine which filler will be best for your needs during an initial consultation.

Prior to your treatment, it’s important to cease any use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications including high doses of Vitamin E and aspirin to name a few. These types of medications may serve to increase the possibility of bleeding and bruising during the treatment and shorty following so they should be avoided.

The treatment itself will begin with the application of an anesthetic cream to help numb the area before injections and to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. A very small needle is then used to insert the filler into the area carefully to fill lines and wrinkles and add volume to the lips. Some patients may only want to focus on filling lines, others may only care about plumping their lips and others may hope to do both at once.

Normal activity can be resumed immediately following the procedure though there may be some swelling and sensitivity that remains present for a few days.