Brazilian Butt Lift

Whether it’s the result of aging and gravity taking its toll on the body or a matter of genetics that are causing a less than voluminous rear end, the frustration of trying to fit in clothes or feel self-confident with a sagging rear can be a real issue for many women who wish they could see more drastic results than thousands of squats may be able to provide.

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The term “Brazilian Butt Lift” refers to a procedure in which fatty tissue from other parts of the body is removed and carefully transferred into the buttocks and then shaped to form a natural shape and contour. This process of transferring fat from one portion of the body to another part of the body is known as fat grafting and is used in millions of medical procedures worldwide each year.

A Brazilian Butt Lift provides patients with the opportunity to achieve a hip to waist ratio that is more desirable. First liposuction is performed to suction fat from one area of the body before it is then processed and purified for injection into the buttocks region. After a local anesthetic is applied to the buttocks, the injection process takes place with hundreds of small injections where purified fat is put into all areas of the region and at varying depths to improve the absorption rate and create a fuller effect. Different patients will require and desire more fat injections in all to achieve optimal results and will be determined in part by your doctor’s recommendations paired with the patient’s hope for their post-treatment appearance.

Preparing for a Brazilian Butt Lift starts with an honest and upfront initial consultation in which your doctor will ask specific questions about your medical history and regarding any medications, vitamins or herbs you may be taking. Those who smoke should cease at least two weeks prior to the procedure and refrain from smoking for a week following the procedure. Plenty of water should be consumed and alcohol should also be avoided for a couple weeks pre-treatment.

After your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure common symptoms include swelling, bruising and pain as well as a temporary loss of sensation in the areas which have been treated. Swelling will continue for up to several months until the full effects have taken place and healing is complete.

During your initial consultation your doctor can help you understand what to expect during the procedure and give you an understanding of realistic results.