Breast Augmentation Through TUBA

There is a breast augmentation procedure that can enlarge your breasts but will leave not ugly, visible scars. TUBA or transumbilical breast augmentation is a procedure that gives great results with little scarring. It is also known as “belly button” augmentation.

The TUBA Procedure

When patients consider the TUBA procedure, they should have a realistic and healthy expectation of the results. Candidates should also have a clean bill of health. During an initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, you should discuss the size of cup that you want. Generally, any woman of any age can undergo the TUBA procedure; however, women with very thin torsos are not good candidates for larger implants. This is because the torso cavity will not allow the procedure to be done successfully.

A saline solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine is injected through the belly button through a tract to the breasts. The epinephrine acts to construct blood vessels to reduce bleeding and the lidocaine acts as an anesthetic. The breasts will also be injected with the same solution.

An incision is made in the belly button. An endoscope will then be used to cut a small tunnel to the breast just under the skin. Instruments will be inserted through the tract that will be used to create pockets under the pectoral muscle or under the breast tissue. Once the pocket is created, empty implants will be inserted through the tubes. These empty implants or sizers will then be inflated, allowing the surgeon to check the size of the pockets. Any further adjustments will be made and the sizers removed.

The implants will be inserted and filled with saline. The patient will be able to sit up so the doctor can check size and placement to make any needed adjustments. The instruments are removed and the incision site is closed. The procedure will usually take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.

The recovery time for the procedure is usually about one to two weeks. After the first two days, you can return to your normal routine. You will need to avoid any pressure to the breasts and you should also take care of the surgical tape used to close the incisions.

Benefits of TUBA

  • No general anesthesia risks.
  • Because a patient is awake, she can sit up to help the surgeon make any necessary adjustments to get the desired results.
  • No scars under the breast or around the nipple.
  • Can be placed under the muscle or under the breast tissue.
  • Because saline implants are used, there are no risks of reaction to silicone.