Dimpled Skin? Get the Real Deal With Cellulite Solutions

For decades, we’ve popped pills, purchased creams, and subjected ourselves to being poked, pinched and suctioned, all in the effort to finally bid adieu to the one thing we’ve all waged a fierce war against—cellulite. But for all the theories about what cause it, and how to treat it, we all still have it, and the question is, why?


Cellulite afflicts women, not men. It isn’t fair, but it’s true, and it’s all physiologically based. When it comes to cellulite men are indeed the “stronger” sex and it has everything to do with the stability and strength of fibrous bands under the skin called septae. While theirs effectively hold the fat in place, ours lets the fat poke through, causing that rippled effect no girl wants to claim as her own. In fact, while thinner, fitter bodies may not have as much cellulite as their mirror opposite, they likely still have it. We all have a least some fat on our bodies and when it’s sandwiched between the muscles and skin, viola—instant ripples. So whether you’re fantastically fit or have a more voluptuous body, if you’re a woman, don’t be surprised to see a little dimpling near your derrière.


If you expect topical creams to work, expect to be disappointed. Cellulite is the result of fat that is squeezed by septae bands under the skin. Anything you rub on top of the skin isn’t going to make it go away. As for those procedures that claim to “cure” cellulite, they are definitely overstating the real possibilities. The closest you can hope to get to a cure is changing the physiological structure under your skin itself to expect a real solution. And that’s only for the cellulite you have today, not what you might develop in the future. Experts agree: In general, the best you can hope for with cosmetic treatments is to significantly improve the appearance of cellulite.


So this all begs one question: What’s a girl’s real options?


Get Active 

Besides being good for your health, lacing on a pair of running shoes or hitting the gym can help to shed excess fat. Less fat means less cellulite, and toning up can help to create muscular definition that detracts from untoward dimples.


Be Good to Your Skin

Healthy skin is robust skin and can help to camouflage tell-tale signs of cellulite. If your skin has lost elasticity or has thinned as a result of collagen loss, radio frequency energy treatments and medical-grade topicals designed to boost collagen and elastin may help to add strength.


TIP: A little sunless tanner goes a long way to hide all kinds of visual skin flaws, from spider veins and bruises to the bumps and dimples characteristic of cellulite.   


Find a Real Solution

While liposuction is the gold standard treatment for fat reduction, it usually isn’t the right one for cellulite. In fact, it could leave you even bumpier than before. The trick to effective cellulite treatment is targeting the actual underlying cause: septae bands. Loosen those and lessen the appearance of cellulite. And for any girl who’s ready to make that kind of commitment, meet the one treatment that can get you there: Cellulaze. Cellulaze uses laser power to go below the skin to release those fibrous bands that are the real culprit of that dimpled skin effect. Even more appealing is the fact that it also stimulate collagen production, thereby making skin stronger and healthier at the same time.


To find a qualified doctor who offers the expertise and experience you want with Cellulaze is easy. Rely on the experts at Liposuction.com.


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