Do Your Research and Protect Your Health with Safe Liposuction Doctors


There have been a lot of stories in the news lately about the dangers of liposuction. The recent tragedy in Florida, where a woman died during a liposuction procedure, has raised a lot of concerns over the safety and reliability of liposuction.

The reality is that there is a wide range of liposuction doctors out there. There are also a wide range of people performing liposuction -- some of them aren’t even doctors! - and is is very important to take a close look at the facility where you will be having your liposuction performed. Liposuction is not a spa service. It is a surgical procedure. You wouldn’t go to a spa or a beauty parlor to get your wisdom teeth out, and you shouldn’t do so to get liposuction.

To avoid unscrupulous practices and the risk of serious injury, it is important to insist on
the following qualifications:

  1. The liposuction clinic should be accredited by the state. Please keep in mind that accreditation regulations vary from state to state and that this is not an iron-clad guarantee of a safe practice.
  2. The person performing your surgery should be a medical doctor, board-certified in a surgical specialty. Your procedure should never be done by a “medical assistant” or a “surgical assistant.”
  3. Beware of clinics making extreme claims or offering unusually fast results. Find a clinic that will do a pre-surgical screening and offers realistic predictions for the outcomes and recovery time for your surgery. While many people are able to resume activities quickly after liposuction, the rate of recovery is dependent on several factors.
  4. The clinic should make its procedures and policies clear to you, in writing, before any money is exchanged. Staff should be open and honest about risks, safety procedures, and the qualifications of any person who might be in the room while you’re having your procedure.
  5. Find a clinic with a good reputation, not just a good website. Ask your neighbors, family, friends, or primary care doctor if they can recommend a qualified cosmetic surgeon in your area.


Originally Published Feb 13, 2011