Fractora For Improved Skin Appearance

Our skin is susceptible to a myriad of inconsistencies and conditions that can affect our overall appearance and cause insecurity and frustration. Hyperpigmentation issues, sagging skin, sun damage spots, acne scars, wrinkles and an overall loss of collagen can cause the skin to look older and more tired while losing its former luster and healthy glow. There are many products on the market which claim to improve many of the side effects of sun damage, acne scars and collagen loss but for the most part, these topical products don’t provide any long term benefits if any at all.


Fractora is a treatment which works to penetrate through deep levels of the skin’s surface and in so doing stimulate new collagen growth which encourages a more youthful appearance and a more even skin tone. This minimally invasive procedure is beneficial for both men and women and all skin types and tones and can make a big difference on even some of the most damaged skin surfaces.


Fractora is performed with the help of a hand-held tool equipped with dozens of micro pins that are pre-set to the ideal heat and frequency levels and moved gently over the surface of the affected skin stimulating new collagen in the process and promoting regeneration.


Fractora Firm is the same kind of procedure but instead of being used to promote new collagen growth of the facial skin, it’s used to help firm areas of the body that are suffering from sagging, wrinkles and a lack of firmness.


The Fractora procedure is virtually pain free and relatively quick and simple. First a numbing cream will be applied to the affected area 30-45 minutes before the treatment begins. After the numbing cream has set in, the Fractora device is moved gently over the skin while the patient experiences little more than a slight warming sensation as it works.


The number of Fractora treatments required to see full results will depend patient to patient and vary depending on how serious the skin ailment appears and what areas are being treated. Large portions of the body may require more treatments than small areas around the eyes or mouth.


Fractora can help to improve most skin issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagging eyelids, hyperpigmentation, the appearance of scars, sun damage and rosacea.


Results may be noticed after as little as one treatment while more drastic results may require several treatments.