Get Youthful-Looking Hands with Fat Transfer

Many people realize that their hands are beginning to show the signs of age. We see thinning of both the volume and skin, creating a less than attractive look. Those bones and veins start to become more and more prominent. There is a very effective procedure that can help give those hands that youthful volume.

Fat transfer or grafting is a very effective procedure that can return those youthful contours to the hands. This technique actually hides some of the structures of the hands that become more apparent as we age.

Fat Grafting Benefits

Many benefits are associated with the fat grafting procedure including:

• Plumping of hollow areas
• Restoration of the fullness in the back of the hands
• Elimination of the skin’s thinning

The Fat Transfer/Grafting Procedure

The technique actually uses two procedures — the harvesting of fat from one site, and then the injection of that harvested fat into the hands. The first step is to mark the hands to identify injection sites and surrounding structures such as the tendons. The harvest site is also marked. These harvest sites are generally those body parts that have an excess of fat deposits.

A local anesthetic is used to numb both sites. Then, the harvest site is injected with a tumescent fluid to help loosen the fat. This tumescent fluid comprises a diluted solution of epinephrine and lidocaine. The lidocaine acts as an additional anesthetic, and the epinephrine constricts the blood vessels to reduce bruising and bleeding.

The loosened fat is the gently suctioned out using tiny cannulas. It is then placed into large syringes. The fat is then separated from excess fluid, and then transferred into smaller syringes. The smaller size of the syringes allow for accurate injections into the hands.

This harvested fat is injected through tiny incisions that were made between the fingers. Making the transfer incisions between the fingers reduces the appearance of any scars. The quantity of fat required depends on how much volume is needed to re-contour the hands. This injected fat is also molded gently to produce a smoother appearance.

The incisions at the harvest site and hands are sutured and bandaged.

After the Fat Transfer Procedure

This procedure is minimally invasive, so there will be little recovery time. However, you should be gentle on your hands and avoid any strenuous activities or exercise for a couple of weeks. There may be some minor discomfort that can usually be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers.