How Is Smartlipo Performed at the Skin and Vein Center?

Want to learn more about Smartlipo, and how it’s performed at the well-known Skin and Vein Center? Read some of the top FAQs below:

Top Questions and Answers

Smartlipo – What Is This Technique?

How does it differ from regular lipo, you may ask?

To distinguish the two, liposurgeons introduce a smart device used in a range of medical and cosmetology applications. The laser, which is safe, powerful and effective, is added during the liposuction technique, to liquefy stubborn fat.

The result, or benefit, is that fat is broken down more easily. It is subsequently suctioned more rapidly, without any compromise to the surrounding cells and tissues. Furthermore, this technique makes recovery faster, and the risks far less.

Is Smartlipo FDA Approved?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s the first laser-assisted lipo to receive approval from the FDA.

Who Can Undergo Smartlipo?

Just about anyone in most cases. A preconsultation visit with your experienced liposurgeon at the Skin and Vein Center should provide insight into what can be expected before, during and after the technique.

Also, based on your current medical conditions as well as your history, your surgeon should be able to tell if Smartlipo is recommended. Ultimately, Smartlipo helps to remove bulging fat that may be unresponsive to diet and exercise. Alternatively, perhaps you have a busy lifestyle – lipo and now, Smartlipo, can help whip you in shape easily and effectively.

Is Any Anesthesia Administered?

To reduce any patient discomfort during the technique, local anesthesia is used. You will remain awake during the technique. This tiny tidbit presents a number of advantages, since you’ll be able to shift in the event the surgeon needs you to.

How Long is Recovery?

You can expect to be up and about within days of the technique!

Prepping for Smartlipo

Most individuals are excellent candidates for Smartlipo. It’s fast, it’s affordable, and it’s a great alternative to other options that may be on the marketplace in terms of cost, downtime and effectiveness. In the same breath, patients can improve their chances of a better outcome, by following the directives of their surgeon. Most of these instructions will entail following a balanced diet with moderate exercise, as well as avoiding cigarettes or alcohol products for the time leading up to surgery.

To find out more details about Smartlipo, please consult with the Skin and Vein Center.