International Plastic Surgery – which plastic surgeons work the most?

The 2014 SAPS International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures [1] revealed some interesting findings – after compiling the data of almost 1400 plastic surgeons (worldwide). The report itself is too large to analyze in one article. The people at the Wichita Liposuction Center [2] took the time to analyze the data (tables & graphs) and came out with some easy to understand but surprising results.

How many procedures did a surgeon perform in 2014?

One of the interesting results of the report – is that the surveyed plastic surgeons revealed how many and what type of plastic procedures they performed. They provide answer to the question: How many procedures did the doctors of the participating countries do? Which countries have the busiest Plastic surgeons in the World?

Liposuction, Tummy Tuck dominate - Butt Augmentation on the rise

Liposuction - A Colombian plastic surgeon performs 53 liposuctions a year, a German doctor performs 47.2, while an American doctor does 38.6. A Japanese doctor does only 10 liposuction procedures a year.






Figure 1: Average number of surgical procedures per plastic surgeon


Tummy tuck (aka Abdominoplasty) - In the States a doctor performs 20.5 tummy tucks a year on average, while a Colombian colleague performs 5 more (25.6) on average per year.

A US plastic surgeon performs more Breast procedures than doctors in other countries (almost a 100 procedures a year), while in France a doctor performs 97.3 breast related surgeries a year. In Japan a doctor performs only 21 breast surgeries on average per year, while plastic surgery colleagues in South Korea perform 28.5.

Butt Augmentation: Butt Augmentation was in 2014 in the low numbers, but has gained unstoppable momentum thanks mostly to celebrities sharing pictures of their butts [3] on Instagram and Facebook and the viral effect it created among women of all ages – which felt encouraged to continue with the trend of posting pictures of butts (belfie – the butt selfie).

On average a Colombian doctor performs 22 buttocks augmentations a year, a Mexican doctor does 16 a year, while a doctor in the USA does only 3 of these procedures a year.

Colombian Doctors perform on average far more "Body and Extremities" related procedures (like Tummy tucks, Brazilian Butt lifts and Liposuctions) than any other doctors - 105 procedures a year. Doctors in Mexico come in second (#2), a Mexican plastic surgeon performs 85 of these procedures a year on average, while a US doctor on average performs 66 a year. It can be seen like this: A Colombian doctor performs 40% more liposuctions than a US surgeon.


So what doctors perform more surgeries per year?

Colombian plastic surgeons have more work to do: A Colombian doctor performs 265 surgical procedures a year, a German doctor lies not far behind with 260 procedures a year, Mexican - French and Brazilian doctors perform 245 a year, USA doctors 235 procedures a year, South Korean surgeons 214 and while the Japanese colleagues only 147.


Which other procedures are in demand in other countries?

Japanese doctors do 63 Eyelid surgeries a year. Compared to the 147 procedures they do a year, Eyelid correction count for 43% of the plastic procedures a Japanese doctor does. In Japan 326 K cosmetic procedures were performed in 2014, of which 139 K were Eyelid surgeries (42%).


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