Letter from a Patient


I’ve always had some issues, not with the people’s beauty, nor with myself as a human being, but with my appearance. From a very young age I read all the glossy magazines and I smiled at the pictures of the ‘perfect’ beauties, the young, tall and slim top-models with amazing clothes. But I was never like that and I fought with myself about that image, clearly endorsed by the society, friends and... boyfriends.

Finally, in my thirties, I understood that my body will never have a common shape - ‘the standard beauty’ that we all see in the magazines. Instagram and Facebook were already here to show me that a much bigger world exists, and a lot of women are fighting with the same issues.

In fact, I don’t even consider my appearance an issue anymore. I still care too much about people’s opinions, but I am more grounded and proud of myself, exactly the way I am, more than ever.

Maybe I do have some extra kilos, maybe I am a little bit lazy when everybody’s talking about sports and maybe I love food too much. Life is still amazing:)

Besides my glamorous work as a blogger and traveler around the world, I have a secret passion. Fashion. All my life I’ve dreamed of beautiful clothes, at silk gowns and soft leather pants. Yet I’ve never wore them. Why? Because, you know, a beige pair of pants doesn’t work too well with a bigger bottom.

But I never stopped dreaming. And, like all my dreams, there is a perfect timing to get up and do something about that. NOW.

Like I said, I don’t do sports, I eat good, healthy food (and some sweets), I travel a lot, I love a beer or two at dinner time, and ice cream all year round. And I have The Mighty Internet to look for solutions! Because we all do that, right?

So, I’ve found this: “Patients who undergo liposuction surgery may opt to have their fat cells harvested, purified, and then transferred to a different part of the body in need of additional volume. This procedure is called “Fat Transfer”. It’s a natural (unfabricated beauty) complement to liposuction surgery, allowing surgeons to sculpt the body into an entirely new form using the fat cells that were taken from the body through liposuction.”

And I’ve started digging deeper. “At LoveMyLipo.com, Dr. Cole is skilled in the use of the most sophisticated technologies in the field. He provides precision results through customization and extensive knowledge of how different parts of the body respond to different liposuction treatment modalities.”

Too good to be true?! Nope, I’ve never believed in such statements.

Liposuction is a procedure with a long history. Dr. Giorgio Fischer, an Italian gynecologist, first invented liposuction in 1974. Four years later, Dr. Illouz, began treating patients more regularly in Paris, France. Liposuction didn’t make its way to the United States until 1982. At LoveMyLipo.com, all procedures are performed in the office. Using the most technologically sophisticated liposuction methods on the market, the surgeons are able to design the safest, least invasive treatments possible for patients to achieve amazing results.

I think this solution is made for me. If you’ve ever done liposuction, please tell me what do you think?

Can I wear my sweet beige leather pants? I can hardly wait for this!