Liposuction: A Viable Solution for Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is when there’s a visible enlargement in male breasts, causing it to appear “woman-like”. The reason for this could be several things, including extra fatty deposits in the area due to genes. Many teen boys may experience an enlargement, which often resolve on its own, while others see the condition into adulthood.

In addition, endocrine issues as well as underlying medical conditions could also cause gynecomastia. When the reason for gynecomastia is extra fatty deposits, liposuction can effectively work to treat the area:

  • First – anesthesia or tumescent anesthesia is administered to numb the region, usually the entire chest.  The tumescent solution is also considered to be a much safer option to general anesthesia.  Also, patients will remain awake during surgery.
  • Second – a small microcannula is used to suction the fat. Before this process however, surgeons may use the assistance of laser to suction the fat. This option is known as laser lipo.
  • Third – the results are seen immediately, and post op instructions should be followed. Usually the downtime is 48 hours for liposuction.

Combining Liposuction with Excision

Laser lipo may be able to target extra fatty deposits that cause gynecomastia, but when this is caused by the overgrowth of the glandular tissue, a surgical removal may be combined with liposuction – in order to see results.

Gynecomastia, is also known as “man boobs”, but you don’t have to live with this cosmetic issue any more. Liposuction presents several benefits, including little downtime, instant and visible results and more. The after-effect bonus is that no repeat treatment is needed, because the fatty cells are removed permanently.

Getting a male breast reduction can open up doors for men to:

  • Feel More Confident – no more hiding what’s underneath your clothing. Feel free to work out at the gym, run a marathon, jog on the beach bare-chested, or partner up with a love interest. Male breast reduction helps you feel sexy and comfortable in your own skin!
  • Look Great – liposuction can tackle several issues including getting rid of sagginess, breast rolls, puffy nipples, or extra visible fat around this area. Many men also turn to this option to improve their sense of masculinity.

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