Liposuction After Pregnancy


Pinching Fat


Let’s be clear; having a baby can be extremely tough on your body. From stretched out skin, to leg veins, to increased fat deposits that simply won’t go away, having a baby can make it feel like your body’s aged a few years in just a matter of months! And, because our bodies don’t always know what to do once the pregnancy is over, these issues don’t always go away. Though many might find their body returning to normal proportions within a few years, others continue experiencing the catastrophe of childbirth for years to come. This can be devastating to not just the health of the mother, but her psyche as well.


Fortunately, modern liposuction techniques have made it so you don’t have to continue suffering from your post-pregnancy body! With liposuction, you can return your body back to its glory days, while still being the mother that you’ve always wanted to be. Here is just a bit more information about why liposuction can be your answer to improving your post-pregnancy body!


Remove Fat Quickly and Less Invasively


The most common issue experienced by new and old mothers alike is the buildup of stubborn fat deposits within the stomach, breasts, and legs. Though exercise and diet is oftentimes enough to tame your newly found fat deposits, many women find themselves unable to return their bodies to their states before the pregnancy—regardless of how healthy they remain. If you are one of these women, liposuction may be the answer! Safe, minimally-invasive, and extremely effective, liposuction can contour your abdomen and get rid of that stubborn fat that just won’t go away.


Though it won’t help with obesity, nor will you be able to remove more than a few pounds at a time, liposuction can be used to contour your body and begin the process of turning back the clock! Best of all, it’s not just something you need to get done on your abdomen! No matter if you are experiencing weight gain on your arms, face, stomach, legs, or back, liposuction can be the answer to help stop that process and get you back to the weight that you so sorely miss.


Safer than Ever Before


Of course, one holdup that many new mothers have when thinking about getting liposuction is the idea that it’s not safe. After all, no one wants to put themselves in danger, particularly when their newborn child and family depends on them to be in great health. Lucky for you, newer methods of liposuction have made the technique safer than ever before! By using only local anesthetic instead of putting you under, new liposuction techniques like Tumescent and Smart Lipo completely remove the risk that general anesthetic can bring. No more worrying about bad reactions or any of the horror stories you hear in the news; with a quality liposuction doctor—like Dr. Bergeron—you can get liposuction with less worries about any major adverse effects!


Get Back to Mommy-ing within 48 Hours!


Finally, because liposuction techniques have improved so much within the past few years, you won’t have to worry about leaving the children on their lonesome while you recover in a hospital. In fact, just the opposite is true; you’ll be back on your feet in less than 48 hours—so you can continue the hard work of raising a newborn child! For the most part, all you’ll experience after undergoing liposuction surgery is some mild discomfort and soreness directly after the procedure. Other than that, you may be asked to wear a compression garment, but you should experience no effects that will take you out of the parenting game.


Add in the minimal blood loss, easy recovery, and the incredible results that you will experience, and it’s easy to see why so many choose liposuction when attempting to achieve their pre-pregnancy bodies! For more information about mommy-liposuction, or any of the other procedures that Dr. Bergeron has to offer, visit today! We can’t wait to hear from you soon!