Liposuction by the Numbers!

Today we find a large number of businesses heavily relying on marketing dollars and slick ad campaigns to promote liposuction as an add-on at discounted rates. This approach has created an atmosphere where consumers are subjected to an assembly line approach to liposuction that is not always in the best interest of the patient. Many patients struggle with the unfortunate “loose skin” result and “unevenness look” that is a consequence of these types of places.


This is where the expert liposuction cosmetic surgeon can provide a more personalized solution that is not usually offered by these large multi-state institutions. In a less hectic environment, the skilled surgeon can address the needs of each patient without the pressures of having to perform so many cases in a day to meet quotas created by corporate offices. This personalized approach provides the patient with more aesthetically pleasing results. Having the time and patience to provide this type of care proves that compassion, coupled with skill and technological advances, are the best solutions for any patient!


An excellent example of personalized care can be seen in the area of skin tightening. Although properly performed laser-assisted liposuction can lengthen a case and be more time consuming to the surgeon, it has a proven track record of optimal and effective results. If a surgeon has the proper instruments and is trained to administer them successfully, one can achieve excellent skin-retraction with liposuction. These optimal skin tightening results may save patients from undergoing a more expensive and more complicated procedure like a tummy tuck.


So if you prefer a more personalized approach to your cosmetic surgical care, seek a surgeon who can offer you the best and most effective solution without outside time constraint pressures. Again, let me reiterate that you don’t have to fall prey to “LIPOSUCTION BY THE NUMBERS”!


-Dr. Louis Cole