Liposuction vs Bariatric Surgery

In a day and age where millions of people are struggling with their weight and body image like never before, there are plenty of weight-loss and body sculpting options available on the market. Of these, many are cosmetic procedures that have been steadily growing in popularity with each passing year. Liposuction is one such procedure which has continued to increase in demand ever since it was first introduced. Modern liposuction methods allow patients to re-contour their bodies while ridding themselves of pockets of stubborn, excess fat that doesn’t seem to budge through traditional efforts of diet and exercise. Liposuction advancements in recent years allow patients to choose between surgical liposuction methods and laser methods which are less invasive in nature.


Bariatric Surgery


Bariatric surgery is another medical option that many patients feel that they require to finally alter and improve their bodies which are being held down by excessive weight and keeping them from living normal lives. Bariatric surgery is often one of the last remaining options for patients who are obese to morbidly obese and who have been unsuccessful at bringing their weight down despite multiple attempts over the years to change their eating habits and become more active.


The Differences


It’s important to recognize that liposuction and bariatric surgery, while both treatment options for improving a patient’s physique, are completely different procedures recommended under very different circumstances.


Liposuction is largely a purely cosmetic procedure which is generally sought after by patients who are within 20 to 30 pounds of their ideal weight and simply looking to re-shape and re-contour areas of the body that would look more refined when smaller pockets of fat are carefully removed. Liposuction is not a weight loss operation or a weight loss solution and any trustworthy doctor would never perform liposuction for a patient looking to remove large quantities of body fat as a weight loss method.


Bariatric surgery, on the other hand, significantly reduces the stomach’s ability to hold an excess of food, reducing caloric intake and the way that fat is deposited throughout the body. As an option for the morbidly obese, bariatric surgery is a serious decision that will forever change the way a patient eats. Patients who undergo bariatric surgery are often able to lose hundreds of pounds within a relatively short amount of time because of the restricted eating abilities post-surgery. Bariatric surgery is typically an option for those with a BMI of 35 and up.


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