Liposuction vs Non-Surgical Treatments

There are so many fat reducing methods on the market today, both surgical and non-surgical. This is great for people seeking fat reduction through medically assisted means, but it can also be a bit overwhelming in wondering which option to choose. Liposuction has long been one of the most popular and effective cosmetic procedures for removing excess fat with long-term results. But how do you know if a traditional, invasive liposuction method is your best option or if a non-surgical treatment is what you should opt for? Below are some key factors to take into consideration when trying to decide between traditional liposuction and non-surgical fat reducing alternatives.


Non-Surgical Alternatives


Non-surgical options are good for people who are very close to their target weight and have very small, specific areas of their body that are holding onto a little excess fat. These areas are usually targeted by a heat and ultrasound technology tool that zaps the fat cells causing them to die and then be flushed from the body in the following weeks. It’s important to recognize, however, that with non-surgical treatments the results are often far less dramatic and many follow up treatments may be necessary to see significant results. For those looking for more of a whole body re-contouring, non-surgical treatments are not usually the best bet.




Tumescent liposuction has been made popular due to the dramatic results that most patients experience after undergoing the procedure. The method with which traditional liposuction is performed has advanced tremendously in recent years making it more effective than ever. Liposuction is a more aggressive treatment method for fat reduction as is able to remove much more fat than a non-surgical procedure could hope to do. The result is patients who are able to enjoy significant improvement in their appearance with just one session. Liposuction is more effective at targeting those areas of the body that are often the most troublesome for patients such as their abdomens, thighs, hips, back and buttocks because the surgical procedure is able to suction out large portions of fat beneath the skin’s surface.


Though patients can expect a lengthier downtime with traditional liposuction methods, their satisfaction reports are much higher than among those who seek non-surgical methods. If you’re interested in learning more about how liposuction can benefit you and help you to reach your goals, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us by calling today.