Meet TheriRF - the Next Generation in RF Body Contouring

We know that non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the face and body come with a core caveat: you have to tradeoff results for downtime. But what if you want to have your proverbial cake and eat it too? A new U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared device may be just what the doctor ordered. Meet ThermiRF—the first temperature controlled radiofrequency (RF) delivery system that provides micro-surgery and non-invasive applications. What this means to today’s plastic surgery patients? The best of both worlds!

According to the ThermiAesthetics, the availability of ThermiRF has created a whole new category for technology in aesthetic medicine. By using the “science of heat” combined with the high-tech internal and external tissue temperature monitoring with infrared imaging, ThermiRF offers precision and safety that is unparalleled.

ThermiRF may, in fact, be poised to take RF energy treatments to a whole new level when it comes to skin tightening, body contouring, cellulite treatment and more. Not only does it offer a non-invasive way to deliver RF energy to the skin (or fat or septae), it allows the doctor to control other key treatment factors that affect both results and safety, including treatment depth and time as well as internal and external temperature. It’s being hailed as the “bridge” between non-surgical and surgical treatments.

More specifically, ThermiRF allows plastic surgeons and dermatologists to heat targeted tissue and nerves for the outcomes patients want, without invasiveness or significant downtimes. It’s said to be less painful than Ulthera or Thermage, while providing even more effective skin tightening on face and body.

“This FDA Clearance establishes ThermiRF as a safe and effective device for the treatment of nerves and soft tissue, using thermistor-regulated delivery of energy for aesthetic applications,” said Paul Herchman, CEO of ThermiAesthetics, in their official press release, calling its dual micro-surgical and non-invasive platform “unique and versatile.”

ThermiRF has been available in select doctors offices since 2012 as part of a pre-commercial introduction leading up to receiving FDA clearance, and has been used for patients who are “in-between” the non-surgical-surgical treatment spectrum, where surgery is not yet indicated, but non-surgical solutions ares not enough on their own to deliver the results patients are looking for. ThermiRF is cleared for the treatment of for soft tissues and nerves. Although it is being used in patients to reduce submental fat, refine post-liposuction lumps and bumps, treat cellulite and wrinkle reduction, it has yet to receive official clearance for these other treatment indications.

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