“Most Thanked Phlebologist” is HealthTap’s Dr. Thomas Wright

Dr. Thomas Wright is one of the first 200 surgeons in the nation to have become a diplomate in phlebology by the American Board of Phlebology. As such, he has been serving the greater St. Louis, Missouri community as an expert phlebologist with 23 years of experience treating spider veins, varicose veins, venous disease and leg swelling and the pains associated with such. He heads up the Laser Lipo and Vein Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri and also treats those who are looking to undergo advanced liposuction treatments with tumescent liposuction procedures and local anesthetic.

Although Dr. Wright heads up a busy and popular practice, he still makes time for regular study and advancements in the field of phlebology while also serving as a pro-bono member of the extensive online health community known as “HealthTap”. This online resource is of great value to countless patients and potential patients who are seeking medical advice and insight on a wide variety of health-related concerns. Doctors in every field of practice volunteer their time and knowledge to answer a plethora of questions that the community might have regarding their own health or the health of those they love.

Dr. Wright is among the very most active of HealthTap’s community having assisted thousands of people with questions related to vein health and liposuction procedures. Because of his active involvement in the HealthTap community, Dr. Wright has been recognized both by his colleagues and fellow doctors but by numerous patients who have received a lot of help through his services. Most recently, Dr. Wright has been recognized by HealthTap as the “Most Thanked Phlebologist” after having received numerous statements of gratitude from the online community which he has served. This recognition is one of many awards and recognitions that Dr. Wright has received in recent years though those recognitions from the people he serves are especially valued by Dr. Wright.

Dr. Wright has also received awards as, “Top Phlebologist, National”, “Top Doctor, St. Louis, MO”, “Hippocrates Award, National”, “Thought Leader, Missouri”, “Most Influential Doctor, Missouri”, the “Patients Choice Award 2010 and 2011”, and “Most Influential Doctor, St. Louis Region” to name a few.

Those he serves appreciate him for his genuine concern for the health of each and every one of his patients, a trait which has lead him to receive the “Most Compassionate Doctor” award as well. He continues to strive to provide the best care in Phlebology to his patients.