Patients' Pick: Smartlipo®



As you may already know, Smartlipo uses laser energy during liposuction. This loosens and liquefies fat prior to extraction, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable experience for doctor and patient alike. It also uses incredibly small incisions, so the resulting scars are quite discreet.

Physicians such as Dr. Kevin Johnson in Spokane offer Smartlipo exclusively, because they simply feel that it offers patients a superior experience. Many patients agree with that assessment, for a few key reasons.


Versus traditional liposuction, Smartlipo relies partially on laser energy (rather than manual agitation) to loosen and break apart fat. That makes for a more comfortable overall experience for the patient, because it's easier to extract the fat from the body without causing trauma to nearby tissues.

The real payoff comes during the recuperation process. Because Smartlipo isn't as hard on the body as traditional liposuction, most patients report that they feel much more comfortable after the procedure than they expected.


Because it's so gentle, Smartlipo can treat an amazing array of areas of the body, both large and small. These include areas traditionally treated by liposuction, such as the thighs and buttocks, as well as smaller, more targeted areas of fat, such as submental fat under the chin. Your Smartlipo treatment can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Easier Recovery

There's the comfort aspect, which we have already mentioned. But there's also the ability to get back to many of your usual activities sooner than you would with traditional liposuction. Smartlipo usually requires only a local anesthetic, meaning that you'll be awake for the duration of the procedure. This further expedites the recuperation process, because it eliminates the lingering mental or physical effects of general anesthesia, such as grogginess and nausea.

Tighter Skin

The laser energy in Smartlipo also tightens the skin by stimulating it to produce more of its own collagen. This makes Smartlipo a great choice for older patients or simply for those who may be concerned by a loss of elasticity after liposuction. With better tightness and tone in your skin, you can get the most out of your results and better show off your slimmer self.

Like traditional liposuction, it's important to note that Smartlipo is not a weight loss procedure. Instead, it's intended specifically for men and women alike who want to treat specific areas of diet- and exercise- resistant fat deposits, to finely sculpt new curves and contours.