PicoSure Tattoo Removal

Many people get tattoos every year, some small and others as part of a collection as many. Some of these tattoos are made up of simple black ink while others include intricate designs made up of many colors of ink. Though the interest in getting a tattoo (or many) has continued to increase over the years, so has the number of people who come to regret their choice and wish to have their tattoo permanently removed. Whether your tattoo is hurting your chances at employment, showcasing an affiliation that you no longer endorse, or you’ve simply outgrown the symbolism and moved on, PicoSure laser tattoo removal offers modern technology for quickly and effectively removing unwanted tattoos once and for all.

PicoSure laser tattoo removal technology offers the most advanced methods in tattoo removal. As the tattoo industry has grown, so has the demand for tattoo removal, but former methods weren’t always as effective as PicoSure technology. Some of the most popular tattoos include various colors which can be much more challenging to remove. Blue and green pigments are particularly difficult to break down and erase from the skin’s surface but PicoSure lasers are able to target the particles within these pigments so that they are removed as well as the traditional black ink tattoos.

With any tattoo removal service a patient can expect to undergo many sessions in all to have their tattoo fully removed. Due to the effective laser technology in a PicoSure tattoo removal session, patients can expect to undergo fewer treatments overall and a much faster recovery time as well as significantly better results. In fact, most patients will require half as many PicoSure treatments as they would typical tattoo removal sessions.

Before undergoing a PicoSure tattoo removal process, it’s important to schedule an initial consultation with a PicoSure physician to discuss your tattoo removal goals and have your tattoo examined. Smaller tattoos will take less time to treat per session while large tattoos with many colors will require more attention. Though less sessions are needed with PicoSure, patients should still expect the process to take some time as treatments occur about every five to six weeks so that the ink particles can fully dissipate between sessions. You can also discuss the cost of PicoSure tattoo removal with your doctor during this initial consultation, a cost which will depend upon the tattoo and how many sessions are required to remove it.