Pining for A More Shapely Silhouette


Pining for A More Shapely Silhouette

You’ve dieted. You’ve exercised. You’ve lost the weight—well, most of it. Now you’re ready to refine your results! Those pesky love handles. The last bit of chunky thigh. The double chin. Nothing a good aesthetic professional can’t help you out with, but with all of the innovative body contouring options available to help you achieve your goals, how in the world do you choose? There’s VelaShape, CoolLipo, SmartLipo, Liposonix, Zerona. The list of non-surgical options goes on. And let’s not forget the gold standard for fat removal: liposuction. To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve got a few procedural points to help make the final cut. 

A Matter of Time 

While liposuction has the potential to provide the biggest bang for your fat-removing buck, it comes at a price—and we’re not talking monetary. One of the biggest deciding factors for patients today is time. Namely, how much time are you willing to take off from work and at home in recovery? Liposuction is considered a surgical procedure, which means it’s going to demand a longer recovery period compared with non-surgical options. Compare that with the non-surgical options of devices such as VelaShape and Venus Freeze. Treatments are said to feel more like hot stone massages than medical treatments, which means no pain, no downtime. 

One & Done?

The biggest reward for undergoing a more aggressive treatment like liposuction is that it provides long-term results for the more shapely silhouette you pine for. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet and exercise program, and it could be the only procedure you ever need to keep your curves in all the right places. Non-surgical treatments, on the other hand, often require 4 to 8 treatments with maintenance treatments several times each year.

Dollars & Sense

Liposuction may cost more, but it’s a one-time treatment, which means it’s a 1-time payment. Cost for single non-surgical treatments are much more affordable, but they’ll also add up over time. It could even cost more in the long run. 

Personal Preference

At the end of the day, whether it’s surgical or non-surgical, a one-time treatment or a series of treatments over time, the decision all comes down to a matter of personal preference. Of course, the device is only as good as the operator, so the one piece of advice we will impart is this: Do your homework, find an experienced doctor, and get the best of whatever treatment course you decide is right for you.

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