Questions to Ask Before and After Liposuction


If you’re considering liposuction, you’re one of thousands of people who are currently considering or who have undergone a liposuction procedure in the past. Liposuction remains one of the most commonly sought cosmetic procedures available, and men and women alike seek this procedure as a means for ridding themselves of unwanted, stubborn fat as they look to streamline their appearance. If you’re seriously considering this procedure, here are five questions to ask your doctor before you move forward:


What Type of Liposuction Procedures Do You Perform?


There are many types of liposuction methods available today, and some are better suited to some patients than others, depending on their current situation and their long-term goals. Different doctors have their preferences as well. Ask your doctor which procedures he or she performs and why.


If You Use a Laser, Which Laser Do You Use and Why?


Laser assisted liposuction is very common these days because of the increased ability for precision and the lessened risk of causing damage to surrounding tissue. It’s a good idea to ask your doctor about the laser they use and their reasons for using it so you can better understand the procedure going in.


What Kind of Results Can I Expect?


Some liposuction methods are more invasive or just more intense than others. Make sure you understand the method you’re considering and what kind of results you can expect and for how long depending on your lifestyle.


Do You Have Any References?


Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for references that you can call to get a better feel for what to expect and to ask them if they were happy with their liposuction results. Often, there’s no one better to talk to about what to expect than a former patient (keeping in mind that each person’s experience and situation is unique).


What Are the Total Costs for the Procedure?


Once you know what type of liposuction procedure a doctor performs, you should ask about all the costs associated with that procedure before moving forward so you can plan accordingly.




After you’ve moved forward with the procedure, there are some things you’ll want to make sure to do to maintain your results and heal properly. Here are three things to do after your liposuction is complete:


Rest as Advised


If your doctor urges you to rest for a specific amount of time, be sure to obey that recommendation to allow your body to heal properly.

Eat Well

Continue to eat a healthy diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and drink plenty of water to maintain a healthy weight and allow your liposuction results to last long-term.




An exercise regime is also important in keeping up the results of your liposuction, as regular exercise will keep your new figure toned and firm.