Real Numbers: Liposuction Up By 41%

With a consistent rise in demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, we’ve been proclaiming truth in numbers for years, and the numbers have shown a steady increase in popularity for anything that promises easy results with no downtime. As a result, surgery has largely been pushed aside as your mother’s “old” solution for enhancement or rejuvenation—until now. According to the recent article “UK Cosmetic Surgery Statistics 2013: Which Are the Most Popular?” on, the tides may be turning. They report that British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has seen a whopping 41% increase in liposuction and suggest that this may be a consumer response to the availability of non-surgical body contouring treatments that leave much to be desired.


A total of 50,122 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in 2013 according to BAAPS, an overall 17% increase compared with the numbers reported in 2012. Each individual procedure reported all saw an increase as well, with breast augmentation, eye lift surgery, and facelifts in the top three. Despite coming in farther down the list, it’s liposuction that is the clear winner when it comes to a comparative increase from the previous year, with 4,326 (a 41% increase) liposuction procedures performed. Why the dramatic increase? According to the BAAPS press release, it’s “possibly a backlash against the many non-surgical treatments for body contouring which may have proven less effective than advertised.”


Could we be going full circle? Not quite. Liposuction itself has seen improvements when it comes to safety and effectiveness. Tumescent anesthesia was responsible for drastically improving safety of and recovery from the procedure. Laser-assisted liposuction has also made the procedure easier on the body for recovery and more effective for treating certain body parts.


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